Remember how long you have already put off things. Remember how often you have neglected and wasted a certain day or a certain hour that was gifted to you. It is time to understand the true nature of two things: First, the world of which you are a part; and…

“A person standing on top of a ladder in the clouds.” by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Whether or not you do something, time will pass. If you start something today, a year from now, you will be one year better at it (hopefully). But if you don’t start today, time will pass and you will remain stagnant, in square one.

When I was a young boy…

Would you rather have the truth, or have your feelings spared?

If it was possible, you would like them both; that is, whatever the truth is, it is also in line with your ego and your feelings and it makes you feel good about yourself and conversely, it doesn’t make…

Tarun Betala

I write books and philosophize. Author of ‘The Things We Don’t Know’ & ‘Alec Garci & The Thing on the Doorstep’.

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